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Little Shop Of Waffles joins Kindness Coffees!

New Manly café and connoisseur of fine waffle goods, Little Shop Of Waffles has joined the Kindness Coffees fold.

Based near the Manly Wharf-end of The Corso, LSOW are Sydney's first bubble waffle café. If you've never had the privilege of trying one, you're in for a treat: all the condiment-facilitating texture of a waffle with more doughy goodness and easy to fold. We think.

After collectively spending 30 years traveling the globe, we returned to Australia with a desire to create delicious waffles that reflect some of the best parts of Australia: fresh flavours, innovative food design and a treat to be shared with loved ones by the beach.

They even offer Vegan and gluten-free options, so you'd struggle to guilt your way out of a visit.

Look out for their glass jar of table tennis balls near the till - they represent the 'tab' of Kindness Coffees bought by awesome customers for vulnerable locals. Add to it if you can.

After rave reviews on opening week, they too face a tricky time during Sydney's COVID-19 lockdowns. They're offering delivery later in the week and changed opening hours, but don't let that stop you trying their awesome menu.


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