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Ambrosia Food Creations joins Kindness Coffees!

We're delighted to (belatedly) announce the partnership of Ambrosia Food Creations and Kindness Coffees.

With a new café opening in Fairlight this month, we're delighted to be working with a beautifully inventive and community-driven, local business.

"Ambrosia Food Creation is a project born during the first Covid Lockdown in Elanora Heights, Northern Beaches", says their owner Francesca Giglio.

"For many years I've been thinking about how I could share with other people the beauty of Traditional food, the one we learn from our mothers and grandmothers. In a world where everything comes from factories and automation, we need to step back to Authenticity and Nature. With Ambrosia, I aim to offer a different but old food experience, where everything is homemade and handmade."

"I am very happy to be part of this new project with Kindness Coffee, this idea really touch

me deeply as part of the culture I have grown up in. In Italy is a common use what we call Caffe' sospeso, a cup of coffee paid for in advance as an act of charity. You would order an Espresso but pay for two, so that the next person, if in need, would ask the barista if there is any "caffe' sospeso" and might be lucky to get some!"

"I think this is a great small gesture so easy to do but that can really impact the community and put a happy smile on someone's face."

We're delighted to have them on-board, be sure to visit them soon!


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