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Kindness Coffees features on Eco Turtle Life podcast

Kindness Coffees was honoured to be featured by Tameryn Mallett, AKA Eco Turtle Life, in her podcast series some weeks back.

Eco Turtle Life's mission is to "make cool stuff and reduce single use waste from households in Australia and all over the world."

Why the Turtle reference and what does that have to do with beauty products? We love marine life and love turtles, especially the little Kemp's Ridley turtle. Plus, bathroom products such as cotton buds, cotton balls, face wipes, toothpaste, face wash etc. are massive contributors to micro-plastics in our soil and ocean.

By adopting reusable products and using sustainably made, sourced quality, green products we can make a big difference.

We're 100% supportive of Tameryn's efforts and well-worth discussing the sustainability element to Kindness Coffees' project.

Don't be put off by the horrendous still of Kindness Coffees' Anthony Murray! Have a watch and get behind Tameryn's ethical business - you can find out more on her Insta: @ecoturtlelife


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